The Misery Precedes Us

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Session Two
2nd - 5th Mirtul

2nd – 3rd Mirtul: Retaif, Feilosia, Flint, and Sovetiss meet Gundren Rockseeker, and agree to make passage to Phandalin, a frontier town built on the ruins of a much older settlement. They escort a wagon of supplies to Phandalin while Gundren goes on ahead with a warrior named Sildar Hallwinter, an agent of the Lords’ Alliance.
4th Mirtul: Uncover the site of a goblin ambush which results in the capture of Gundren and Sildar. Fight a goblin raiding party and take hostage the lone surviving goblin who leads the group along a trap-addled trail to a Cragmaw hideout. The group explores the hideout, defeat a bugbear named Klarg, and parley—mistakenly—with the remaining goblins, eventually rescuing Sildar and recovering stolen supplies bearing the symbol of a blue lion. Learn that the goblins sent Gundren and a map of note on to Cragmaw Castle by request of the Black Spider.

5th Mirtul: Arrive in Phandalin evening time. Deliver the wagonload of supplies to Barthen’s Provisions and return the stolen goods to its rightful owner at the Lionshield Coster. Purchase provisions and meet with various townspeople, most notably Qelline Alderleaf and Sister Garaele.

Learn of a local menace known as the Redbrands, a gang having taken up residence underneath the ruins of an abandoned manor on the east side of town. Investigate the manor basement and wake three Redbrand ruffians, inciting violence. Phandalin townmaster Harbin shrieks in terror when told of the encounter, fearing retribution.

6th Mirtul: Awake at the Stonehill Inn. Sildar discovers a lead on his quest to locate a fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance, Iarno Albreck, pointing to the abandoned manor. En route to the manor, the party encounters 4 angry Redbrand ruffians in front of the Sleepy Giant. Having dispatched the gang members, a return to the manor basement leads to a battle with skeletons and the rescue of Mirna Dendrar and her two teenage children, Nars and Nilsa.

Session One
1st Mirtul

1st Mirtul: Retaif, temporarily excusing himself from his agricultural objectives, sought out an acquaintance known as Dan the Pot, a terse young man with an inclination toward cooking massive feasts. He joined Dan at the Neverwinter wall where they served meals to the men of the watch and eventually spoiled an inside plot involving no fewer than two wall watchmen intent on allowing a breach of the north wall.


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